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ABA Data Collection

Save Time & Grow Your Practice. Catalyst by DataFinch

Whatever your size, we can help optimize your practice with a range of integrated features. With our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) data collection software, you can collect all your data on your personal device and automate most of your organizational needs – allowing you to spend more time with the clients and caregivers that need your focus.  

Collect Skill Acquisition Data

  • Discrete trial teaching (DTT) targets
    • Organize automated sessions 
    • Record single, distributed trials
    • Differentiate between up to 8 different type of prompts
  • Duration targets, such as how long a student can participate in a group
  • Task analysis targets, with customizable steps
  • Frequency & Rate data, such as how many times a student mands
  • “Cold Probe” data
  • Echoic data – Record audio
  • Quantity & Anecdotal data
  • Toileting data such as sit duration, type of void and initiation
  • Separate baseline & maintenance data

Collect Behavior Reduction Data

  • Diagnostic information, such as antecedents, consequences, locations, times of day, etc.
  • Topographical behavior data, such as frequency, severity, and duration
  • Rate recording
  • Momentary time sampling
  • Partial interval recording
  • Whole interval recording

You can customize your graphs in the Catalyst portal in a nearly endless number of ways, allowing for an unprecedented level of precision and real-time analysis. Plus, the behavior screen is always available, in every screen, so it is always only one touch away.

Automatic mastery, maintenance, and baseline criteria

Your Catalyst system includes an optional feature that allows you to automate your mastery procedures. In the Catalyst portal, users can define mastery criteria, such as the percentage of trials, minimum numbers of trials, number of therapists above criteria, and/or whether or not first daily trials must be independent. Catalyst will automatically determine mastered targets as criteria are achieved.

You can even engineer your Catalyst system to notify you and/or others (e.g., parents, administrators, etc.) when targets are mastered. If you choose, Catalyst will even automatically move on to your next, pre-defined target(s)!

The most advanced ABA graphing engine in the world

The Catalyst graphing engine is truly groundbreaking. Users can tailor theirs graphs in real time across as many as 20 different dimensions of recorded data. Updates are nearly instantaneous and can be annotated with specific individual information, such as condition lines, averages, and direct comparisons of TA steps, among others. 

Any of your customized graphs can be printed, saved, and/or shared with one click! Users can import their Catalyst graphs directly into Word documents for reports and sharing.

Automatic Progress Reports

With the click of a button, Catalyst can generate completely customizable progress reports that can be edited from within the web portal. Save hours on insurance reports, home notes and graph consolidation!

Users can use the built-in templates, OR for an extra fee, DataFinch can create a custom template for your organization. Add logos, headers, footers and much more! The sky is the limit.

Integrate with practice management software



Integrate Catalyst data collection with one of our certified practice management partners. Our partner integrations continuously sync client and employee recordsdrastically minimizing time spent on duplicate entries between data collection and practice management systems.