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Enhancing ABA with

the power of technology

Flexible data collection that fits your organization

Discrete Trials

Record specific learner responses and instructor prompts to every “trial” using continuous data collection

Whole and Partial Interval Recording

Record behaviors that occur during an entire specified time period or a portion of a specified time period

Functional Behavior Assessment

Assessment of the relationship between a person's target behaviors and his/her environment

Cold Probe

Probe specific learner responses and instructor prompts using discontinuous data collection

Task Analysis

Measure separate performance on each step of an ordered sequence

Automatic Mastery, Baseline & Maintenance

Master out targets automatically based on meeting a percentage of correct responses over a number of consecutive sessions

Naturalistic Teaching

Measure learner responses "naturalistically," whenever they occur

Video Sampling

Collect video of learner and/or instructor performance for viewing in the portal

Fluency/Rate Measures

Measure and depict occurrences of behavior as a rate by combining a duration timer with frequency counters

Therapists can be in the field taking & analyzing data within minutes

1. Configure

Create your client’s profile including default settings such as basic demographics, assigned staff members, and contact information.

2. Design

Build custom treatment plans with targets for acquisition, behaviors for reduction, multiple data measures,  playlists, instructions, and more. 

3. Treat

Take data quickly and efficiently using the mobile app while in session. Custom plans designed in the online portal automatically appear on the app.

4. Analyze

Data taken with the mobile app sync to the online portal. View the raw data and analyze it on a myriad of levels with automatic graphing, reports, trends, and more.

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